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Window Sash Lock

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Window Sash Lock

  • Designed to draw window frames together to reduce rattle.
  • Manufactured from zinc die-cast for durability.
  • Mounting screws included for easy installation.
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Crescent type lock is for Single and double-hung windows


The impact of a window sash lock on an REO work order can be as follows:

  1. Security Enhancement: REO properties are often vacant, making them targets for vandals, squatters, or thieves. Installing or replacing window sash locks can ensure that these properties remain secure, reducing the chances of break-ins or unauthorized access.

  2. Property Preservation: Broken or missing locks can lead to broken windows or unauthorized entry which can further deteriorate the property. Ensuring all windows are well-locked helps in maintaining the property's condition and thus its market value.

  3. Safety Consideration: Damaged windows or inadequate locking mechanisms can pose safety risks. A properly functioning window sash lock can prevent accidents related to open or unstable windows.

  4. Regulatory and Insurance Compliance: Some jurisdictions or insurance providers may have specific requirements about the security and maintenance of vacant properties. Ensuring that all windows have functioning locks can help meet these requirements, reducing the risk of regulatory penalties or insurance claim denials.

  5. Potential Cost Impact: Depending on the number of windows and the condition of existing locks, the cost of installing or replacing window sash locks might affect the overall budget allocated for the REO property maintenance.