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Single Hinge Hasps

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Single-Hinged Hasp

A single hinged hasp is the most economical way to secure a door or gate that is flush with a frame or post.

  • 4-1/2" Steel hasp
  • Single hinged
  • Includes screw set and standard shackle
  • Padlocks sold separately

How Single Hinged Hasps are used on an REO Property 

  1. Door and Gate Security: The most common application of a hasp is on doors or gates, especially those with old or broken locking mechanisms. By attaching the hasp and using a padlock, entry points can be quickly secured against unwanted entry.

  2. Shed or Outbuilding Security: Many REO properties come with external structures like sheds, garages, or outbuildings. A single hinged hasp can secure these structures, safeguarding any materials or equipment inside.

  3. Flexibility: The hinged design of this type of hasp allows it to conform to irregular surfaces or fit around corners, making it versatile for various applications on an REO property.

  4. Temporary Security Measure: Before more permanent security measures are put in place, a hasp can act as a quick and efficient temporary solution to protect the property.

  5. Cost-Effective: Installing a single hinged hasp is relatively inexpensive compared to other security measures. For properties that will be on the market or undergoing repairs for a short period, it's a cost-effective way to ensure security.

  6. Evidence of Tampering: A hasp, when used with a padlock, will show clear signs of tampering if someone tries to gain unauthorized access. This can be useful for property managers or banks to identify potential security threats or breaches.