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Numeric Lockbox - Hinged - 0000

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Metal Numeric Lock Boxes for Secure Key Storage

Discover the ultimate solution in key security with our Metal Numeric Lock Boxes, ideal for real estate agents, property management, and secure access control. These lock boxes are crafted for maximum security and ease of use, ensuring that your keys are safe and accessible only to authorized users.

Key Features of Our Metal Numeric Lock Boxes:

  • 4-Digit Combination Locks: Our lock boxes come equipped with a four-number dial system, offering a high level of security with thousands of possible combinations. Each lock box is preset to "0000," and includes simple instructions on how to set your own personalized combination.

  • Extensive Number Range: Each dial includes numbers from 0 to 9, allowing for a broad range of combination possibilities to secure your keys.

  • Roomy Interior: The spacious design of these lock boxes can comfortably hold multiple keys or keycards, making them perfect for varied access needs across different properties.

  • Durable Steel Construction: Built with a sturdy steel shackle to resist tampering and exposure to the elements, our lock boxes are designed to offer reliable security in any environment.

  • Scratch-Resistant Design: Each lock box features a plastic-coated steel casing that protects its contents while minimizing scratches to doors or mounted surfaces.

Why Choose Our Metal Numeric Lock Boxes?

  • Optimal Security: Ensure the safety of your keys with a lock system that combines ease of use with robust protection.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for residential or commercial properties where controlled access to keys is necessary.

  • Individual Availability: Purchase single units to match exactly what you need without any excess, perfect for scaling as your security needs grow.

Invest in security and convenience with our Metal Numeric Lock Boxes, your reliable choice for managing key access efficiently and safely. Perfect for those who need dependable solutions in property management and access control.