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35-Pint Dehumidifier (Refurbished)

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Home Guard Supply Dehumidifier: Tailored for REO Property Maintenance

Optimized for REO Work Orders: The Home Guard Supply Dehumidifier is a crucial work order regular  for REO contractors tasked with restoring and maintaining foreclosed properties. It specifically addresses the challenges of properties that have been left vacant and are susceptible to moisture-related issues.

How It Works in REO Settings:

  • Rapid Moisture Control: On entering a new REO property, contractors can quickly deploy the dehumidifier to stabilize the internal environment, preventing the growth of mold and mildew, often found in vacant properties.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Regular use during property upkeep ensures a consistent and healthy humidity level, safeguarding the property against structural damage from excessive moisture.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: By reducing dampness, the dehumidifier also curtails musty odors, making the property more appealing during showings or inspections.

Ideal for Various REO Scenarios:

  • Post-Water Damage: Essential in properties that have suffered water leaks or flooding.
  • High Humidity Regions: A must-have in geographic areas prone to high humidity, protecting against ambient moisture damage.

Usage in Work Order Flow:

  1. Initial Assessment: Deployed during the initial property inspection to assess humidity levels.
  2. Active Maintenance: Used consistently throughout the property maintenance phase.
  3. Pre-Market Preparation: Ensures the property is in optimal condition before listing.


  • 2-Speed Fan: Efficiently circulates air, allowing for customizable airflow and faster moisture removal.
  • Direct Drain: Facilitates continuous operation without the need for frequent water tank emptying.
  • Washable Air Filter: Easy to clean, ensuring optimal air quality and prolonging the unit's lifespan.
  • Low Temperature Operation: Functions effectively even in cooler environments, ideal for varied climate conditions.
  • Auto De-Icer: Prevents frost build-up, ensuring uninterrupted operation in colder temperatures.
  • Auto Restart: Automatically resumes operation after a power outage, maintaining consistent humidity control.
  • Energy Star Certified: Guarantees energy-efficient performance, reducing electricity costs.
  • Ozone Friendly: Environmentally safe, using refrigerants that are gentle on the ozone layer.